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As you click the link to SCR888 register link from our website, you will navigate to 918KISS / SCR888 Register page. Alternatively, you can also navigate to the register page from the home page of and clicking the Register button as you scroll down.

In the resulting register-account page, you could see Whatsapp logo and a contact number, with the message “Click Here to Register” at the top. All these three call to actions are hyperlinked to a Whatsapp number, which you will find out as you click any of them.

The next step

Clicking any of the hyperlinks will ask you to open WhatsApp from your smartphone or laptop/desktop. If you are using smartphone, you can directly navigate to Whatsapp and send the request to register. However, if you are using your desktop/laptop, and are not logged in to your whatsApp desktop version, you can simply do so by opening the app in your mobile, and proceed to Settings àWhatsApp Web and connect the app to your laptop/desktop.

Once you are connected and have clicked the WhatsApp hyperlink from our website, you will find a message in Malaysian language “hi bos, nak register game dan dapat bonus kredit” in the Whatsapp message box, which translates to “hi boss, want to register the game and get bonus credit”. As you click send, the request for SCR888register will be sent to the concerned number. Wait for the next move from the other side.

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